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Welcome to the PACER program. The (Police and Community Educating Racers) Program was first launched in 2001. This non-profit organization seeks to raise awareness on illegal street racing, illegal modifications and unsafe driving behavior.

P.A.C.E.R. has hosted numerous anti street racing events within the community including at the track, within schools and malls to educate car enthusiasts on the dangers of racing on the streets. The program was a huge success reaching thousands of people across Canada!


With the increase in car enthusiasts engaging in street racing and illegal modifications, the PACER Program is BACK! Not only is street racing putting others at risk, it is also ILLEGAL and will cost you your car, your license and potentially your life or someone else's.


PACER is composed of a team of car enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals, community partners, and academic professionals who are passionate about promoting safer roadways. Our primary goal is to raise awareness about the significant risks associated with street racing, especially among young drivers and car enthusiasts who may not fully understand the devastating consequences of reckless driving.



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